Thank You

Thank you to each and every person who supported us on this campaign. To everyone who volunteered their time, to everyone who donated, to everyone who provided spaces for us to hold events, and to everyone who voted for our ticket we are eternally grateful to you. And to all the residents of Mount Olive who treated us kindly, regardless of party or vote, we appreciate you. The results of Tuesday’s election weren’t what we had hoped for. But we know that fighting for a serious and consistent effort to address our Town’s needs is never a fight taken up in error. We all hope that you continue the fight for what you believe in. An energetic, accountable, transparent, and engaged Town Council. The incumbent town council members were our opponents, they are now our representatives. We hope, and trust, that they will take seriously the need to represent each and every voice in Mount Olive. Congratulations to them for their victory.-

The Vote Mount Olive Team

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