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Dr. Antoine Gayles, Ed.D.

Candidate for Mayor

From implementing successful programs and partnerships as a Superintendent of New Jersey schools to leadership in community-based organizations across the state, Dr. Antoine Gayles has the experience, vision, and passion to lead Mount Olive. Dr. Gayles has resided in the Budd Lake section of Mount Olive with his family for almost 30 years.

As mayor, Dr. Gayles would lead with dedication and transparency, working with council to revive Mount Olive’s business community, invest in desperately needed infrastructure repairs, manage the budget with ethical fiscal responsibility, and bring together the community by listening and putting the people first. He has managed multi-million-dollar budgets and facility upgrades for school districts, developed successful programs for large organizations, and worked closely with families, business owners, and community members throughout his career.

Dr. Gayles currently serves as President of the Mount Olive Board of Education, Executive Director of Newark Educators Community Charter School, and a member of the Board of Trustees for Norwescap, the largest community action program in northwest NJ. He has also served on the Morris County School Boards Legislative Committee, the parent Advisory Board of NJIT’s Real World Connections, and is a former adjunct professor at Centenary University.

Dr. Gayles graduated from Swarthmore College with a BA in Political Science, received his MA from Brandeis University, and earned his Doctorate in Education Administration and Supervision from Seton Hall University.

Victor Jacksier

candidate for town council

Victor is running for Town Council to give back to the town where he and his wife raised their children. He is a seasoned project management professional with leadership in both professional capacities and community roles. Victor is the former President of the Temple Hatikvah congregation and has also worked with community youth as a leader within the Scouting organization. One of the key issues Victor hopes to tackle is the ongoing infrastructure issues including quality of roads and sidewalks as well as improving the power grid reliability in bad weather. Victor is also committed to inclusion and creating a safe, welcoming community for all.

Irene Sergonis

candidate for town council

Irene raised her three children in Mount Olive while operating a small business with her husband Sergio and has been a dedicated community volunteer since 1980. In addition to founding and growing the Mount Olive Volleyball Association, Irene has served on the town Environmental and Open Space committees as well as volunteering for Literacy Volunteers of Morris County, Moms Demand Action, League of Women Voters, and St. Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Church. Irene has been fighting for clean water and the preservation of open space for all the 43 years she has lived in Budd Lake. She is passionate about safety, mental health services, rent affordability, and services for our seniors.

Greg Winick

Candidate for Town Council

Greg Winick may be new to Mount Olive, but as a father of four with three children in Mt. Olive schools and sports leagues, he is deeply committed to this community. A middle school English teacher married to a teacher at Mount Olive High School, education is key for his family. Public safety, safe transportation for all, improved roads and sidewalks, and community involvement are among his top priorities. He is a member of the Mount Olive Lions and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Marygrove College.

John Reiner

Candidate for town council

John is a long-term resident of Flanders where he and his wife Virginia have lived almost half their lives.  John has 45 years experience working in product development and insurance, where his authorship of “policy simplification” forms became standard practice. He wants to bring that ingenuity to solve issues like increased rental costs in a town where 40% of the residents are renters. As someone who was a renter himself for 30 years, he understands the struggle of unpredictable rising costs. John holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Bard College and a Master’s from the University of Rochester.

Our Vision

Join the fight for a Stronger community

Let’s create a safe, affordable and welcoming community for all.

Infrastructure repairs now

Sidewalk and road improvements have been critical public safety issues in Mount Olive, and yet the plans are stalled or slow to progress. Moving talk into action is our top priority. We will push the state and county to install sidewalks near the high school, on Rt. 206 and Rt. 46, immediately reopen the sidewalk proposal and invest in fixing the roads before there are major potholes that are a danger to travelers. 

We all deserve clean drinking water. It’s been more than a year since Pinecrest Public Water system was found to have PFOS over the NJDEP limit and the problem has still not been resolved. This is unacceptable. We will address water quality with better communication, proactive testing, and treatment for contaminants for both public and private water sources.

rent stabilization

Everyone deserves safe, affordable housing. We want families to be able to stay in the community they love. Approximately 40% of our Mount Olive residents are renters and are dealing with tremendous affordability issues. In addition to communication with landlords and business owners, we would immediately look into the possibility and feasibility of a rent control ordinance. 

Revitalize Mount Olive to Lower Property Taxes

We know that rising property taxes in Mount Olive and throughout New Jersey are a key issue for residents. Revitalizing Mount Olive would not only give a boost to our town’s community but would lower property taxes by increasing business tax revenue. Through responsible development and economic development incentives, we can attract new and thriving businesses to Mount Olive.

Transparency, Ethics, and Communication

Our Mount Olive town committees have not met in years, stifling the voices of the community and stagnating progress. We will make sure people’s voices are heard and the town council is held accountable. Communication should not be a one-way street. Mount Olive is a vibrant, diverse community, and through inclusion and respect, we will bring the community together to move Mount Olive forward. 

Together we are stronger

We will unite the Mount Olive community by making sure all perspectives are heard and considered when making decisions that affect our quality of life. It is important for us to balance resolutions to issues, so we build a stronger, safer and more affordable community. We can make that happen!


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This year, we have the opportunity to make real change and build bridges for a stronger Mount Olive, with the team of Antoine Gayles for Mayor and Vic Jacksier, Irene Sergonis, Greg Winick, and John Reiner for Town Council.